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From some of our patients and their families:
"Our son Cameron was just 6 months old and had already been through 13 courses of anitbiotics for his ear infections.  Our doctor explained that surgery to put in ear drainage tubes was the only next step to ease pain.

By chance while visiting friends in Seattle, they suggested Dr. Landrum as an alternative.  We were skeptical since even lying down for a diaper change was painful to his ears, but he laid there for 30 minutes calmed by Dr. Landrum's comforting approach.  What Mike (Dr. Landrum) did was invisible to us but we saw the relief on Cameron's face as he progressed.  That night he slept for 12 hours (the night before he screamed for 6), his appetite returned, and he started to verbalize again. 

Returning home, our Pediatrictian and the ENT specialist both said his ears looked perfect and couldn't tell he had any history of infections.  He's celebrating his 2nd birthday now and has not had even one ear infection since.

I don't have the words to thank you enough Mike.  I am eternally grateful and can't understand why our society marginalizes such a valuable skill that you share so compasionately."

- Robert Bray, Toronto, Canada


Hip Pain

80 yr-old, with 4 month history of hip pain after a fall. following 3rd treatment stated, “No more need for Acoxia, have been off it for a week and do not need because the pain is gone.”


Chronic Knee Pain

70 year-old, after treatment of chronic knee pain was able to able to easily bend the knee, and stated, “Where did the pain go?”


Ear Infections

10 month old with repeat ear infections, after treatment mother stated, “No more pain, he is eating and sleeping well and was able to tolerate the airplane trip without any distress.”


Severe Motocross Accident

11 year-old, day after severe motocross accident, had to be supported walking in, was able to walk on his own after first treatment and without pain after several.


Headaches / Back Pain

Young man in his 20’s with chronic mid-back strain had been to many therapies, stated after the first treatment, “I’ve never had as good as a result! I also have no more headaches! You have magic fingers!”



48 yr-old woman, after treatments, was able to return to work, daily vigorous exercise and hobbies.


Chronic Pain

This is a testimony submitted by a patient, who desired it to be included in its entirety:

"Dr. Landrum is warm, caring, empathetic and a down to earth professional who by no accident moved to NZ and into my experience of life.

Due to two accidents in the early nineties, I have been suffering with Chronic Pain Disorder and have been severely disabled by anxiety-related issues, following major surgery with colon removal, which had resulted in loss of sensation with bowel function.

Dr Landrum has helped me realise I can be pain free, with perseverance. He helped me to continue to be proactive with my treatment in stretching, walking and even simply by the way I stand or sit. Mike has also provided me with tools to manage my specific challenges following bowel surgery. He has helped me take steps to gradually reduce meds and trust my own body once again.

Dr Landrum has helped me with self worth and a new sense of direction to pursue, given that I have been "lost and without direction" for quite some time.

Truly a gifted physician, I believe Jesus is alive and works through people like Dr Landrum. In that sense, I could describe that I have been "touched by an angel".

Although Dr. Landrum's visit to NZ was short, I now have the tools to move forward again. Mike, Thank you so much. I'm forever grateful.

I cannot recommend Dr. Landrum highly enough.

Paul Lepper (Auckland, NZ)".

Neck/Shoulder Pain:
I am a 69 year old retiree. Over a year and a half ago I was in an auto accident. The injuries have left me with continual neck, shoulder and total back pain. The back side of my left shoulder  joint would start burning and travel down to my hand, then tingling would start in the shoulder joint and go down to my hand, then it all would go numb at any given time day or night. Sometimes an episode would occur minutes after it had just subsided. I have cut my hand while cooking when my arm and hand went numb. My right shoulder just hurt all the time. I could only raise my right hand to shoulder height because of the pain, and was so weak I would drop what I was holding. One time while I was canning, I dropped a large pan of water on the kitchen floor because my shoulders just gave out. I could not turn my head very far in either direction with out pain.

I need to say, I do not take prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs, only in extreme emergencies... like after knee surgery. I do use essential oils, homeopathic and natural remedies.

Since that time I have been seen by numerous chiropractors and massage therapists and an orthopedic surgeon. The chiropractors and the massage therapists only temporarily eased the pain for a few days. One chiropractor I was seeing did get the left shoulder free from going numb most of the time and a neuromuscular massage therapist has me to where it hasn't gone numb for quite a while. I am up and down through out the night with pain. Some nights I jolt out of bed with severe legs cramps, or just be in so much pain, get up and take a homeopathic and apply an essential oil or a homeopathic cream to painful parts of my body. Out of duress I went to my orthopedic surgeon to see what he recommended for my right shoulder. Of course... surgery. But that would leave me with my right arm tied to my chest for a month or so and then therapy, and I would be unable to do much for about three months, with possible good guarantees. I said I would think about it and I did take NSAIDs that !
 he recommended for pain, for about a month. Then I started having stomach problems. I quit taking them immediately.

I was getting so frustrated and angry dealing with the pain that I was thinking about having the surgery when I accepted an appointment with a osteopathic doctor a friend recommended, Michael Landrum. Holy Buckets! Relief instantly! More range of motion! And there was no racking my back and neck or severe pain after treatment! I couldn't wait for my next appointment in 5 days! The pain has subsided so much with each treatment, and I have had only 4 treatments as of date.

I recommend Dr. Michael Landrum to everyone I know who has an ailment, injury problems or pain. He is truly the most gentle, spiritually gifted physician I have ever been to! My pain is not completely gone, yet. I do know that with Dr. Landrum's treatments I am on my way to recovery, without surgery.
-G.C. Colorado

 Jaw Pain:
About 5-6 years ago I began having a problem w/my jaw.  If I slept on one side, it seemed to sag slightly out of place.  For a while, that was remedied by sleeping on the other side. 
On the way back from an extended trip south, the jaw seemed to lock sideways.  I could open my mouth only enuf to insert a semi-flattened straw.  I called the BC/BS nurse to ask why there was no chiropractor listed on my policy.  Was told to see a doctor ASAP--one with DO after name. 
Saw my regular doctor (DO) who said she was trained in, but did not practice, manipulation.  Referred me to Dr. Landrum, who was new in that office.  He put me on examining table, placed his fingers on the back of my neck, and told me my head was not on straight, and there was no use to put the jaw back until that was taken care of.  He was there for a few minutes, but I felt no real pressure.  Then he put my jaw back in place. 
I have had no problem with it since. 
He measured before and after, and made copious notes. 
I returned once, at his request, to show him all was fine. 
My neighbor, 56, has a problem with a hip "going out of place." I told her about Dr. Landrum--did not know he was now across the country--and she said she had a good chiropractor who would see her anytime. All I could think of was Jesus asking the guy at the pool if he WANTED to be HEALED. It's amazing how many people choose to live with their problems.]
I have an entire family (relatives) that I'm recommending to make a trip to see him.  Dr. Landrum is a precious gem among doctors.
-M.P.  Maine

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